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Lovingly Different.

Jewellery and objects that add warmth and uniqueness to your everyday life

Every piece of Minjimorphic is designed and hand-crafted by Minji Han in Australia

using metals that are locally sourced or recycled in her studio.

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Minjimorphic is a contemporary jewellery and object brand based in Sydney that creates ‘Lovingly Different’ abstract pieces inspired by nature and human interactions within. 


Led by designer and maker Minji Han since 2017, the brand uses locally sourced sterling silver and gold metals to craft each piece by hand. With a background in Jewellery and Graphic Design from the University of NSW, Minji uses traditional and contemporary metalsmith techniques to create undefined shapes that are visually satisfying. Every piece gains uniqueness and individuality while going through hand-sawing, forging and polishing processes. 


Metalsmithing has naturally been a familiar area to Minji as she was grown up seeing her mother’s working as a metal artist in Seoul, South Korea. Growing up seeing a lot of medium to large scale sculptures being made with various traditional techniques has influenced her to stay flexible in making small to large pieces.

She hopes to share her passion with people who recognise the value of the handmades and that her creations become unique additions to their everyday life.

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