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Minjimorphic is a contemporary jewellery and object brand based in Sydney, Australia. All jewelleries, tablewares and homewares are designed and handcrafted by Minji Han.

Her design practice largely involves reinterpretation of her surroundings, whether it be nature, people or situation in which she is placed, by composing an abstract structure. As visible from the way she assembles different design elements into an object, her design aesthetic adheres to finding perfect balance from asymmetry and irregularity.

Her creations are a unique addition to everyday life. Often one-of-a-kind, or made in a limited number, her pieces truly captures the essence of what 'handmade' means. Each Minjimorphic piece has its own identity through different surface textures and patina details which add different shades to silver, brass and copper objects.

If you are interested in making a custom piece including engagement ring or wedding bands, she is more than happy to be involved in the meaningful process so please feel free to contact Minji.